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Coletiva Segunda Naturaleza

Second Nature, 2020


The Espacio Proyectos of the Fernando Pradilla Gallery presents the group exhibition Second Nature with the participation of Brazilian artists Albano Afonso (Sao Paulo, 1964), David Almeida (Brasilia, DF, 1989), Sandra Cinto (Santo André, 1968), Leka Mendes (Sao Paulo, 1980) and Carlos Nunes (Sao Paulo, 1969). All of them are members of Atelié Fidalga, a group created by Albano Afonso and Sandra Cinto that has evolved from its initial artists' workshop character towards a platform for reflection on contemporary artistic practices.
Second Nature is a project articulated by the artists themselves, from the definition of the exhibition concept to the selection of the works. Ateliê Fidalga has been the space that has fostered exchanges and debates between these artists of different ages and professional backgrounds.

The show proposes a reflection on Nature and the transformations that it has undergone through the action of man. Nature has become, to a certain extent, a material for interpretation in sociocultural studies. Through the Works and installations gathered in this project (sculpture, photography, drawing, painting and installation), the artists pose questions about the concept of Nature and their relationships with her.

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